Our First Pi

It was the first step of our long journey…. our first Raspberry Pi. We decided to buy, along with the Rpi3, aa DTH22 humidity and temperature sensor, and a Rpi camera. When it arrived, we opened up the packages, laid it all on a table and just sat around looking this particular machine and all its components. This was what would become the heart of our system.

We weren’t sure where to start, but my colleague who is our in-house Pi expert took out his laptop and began explaining to the rest of us how this little single-board computer works. The use of the Pi alone is not so complicated… we thought. Nevertheless, as the night wore on and we began spitballing ideas, diagraming possible data-flows and our database structure, we soon realized just how much work this was going to b in the end. Since that first night, it has taken a lot of hours of coding, developing and learning until we brought together the first prototype that we now call the the “base model”.

In short, all we had really done was install the Raspian OS onto the SD card, enabled SSH for wireless connection, wired up the camera and the humidity and Temperature sensor, and then devoted ourselves writing the bare minimum of code to see if we could get a simple image and a reading from the sensor. So far, we had not yet turned our attention to the finer details, security issues or even how we would output this data to NODE Labs.

Because all of us on this project have full-time jobs or are working on degrees, and many of us have families, mortgages and bills to pay, it took us almost two weeks to get to this point. We understood clearly that this was just the first baby-step, but we were thrilled to have a basic, but working prototype.

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